ERIS represents a product family of Air Traffic Management systems designed for Air Traffic Control and flight planning of civil and military operations.

ERIS is based on a modern sophisticated and modular design that has been developed in compliance with ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards.

Thanks to the modularity and scalability, ERIS is adaptable to any radar/sensor including ATC functionalities.

Key benefits

  • Simple analysis of complex air situation
  • End to end solution from planning and execution up to
  • Sophisticated modular system design


  • Modern Multisensor Surveillance Tracker
  • User-friendly HMI
  • Linux-based software
  • Full redundancy
  • TMC (Technical Monitoring and Control)
  • ATC (Air Traffic Control) Server incl. safety nets

Use case - Common Ground Surveillance System

  • Airport control service on operational and maneuvering surfaces by use Surveillance Systems with limited capability
  • Presentation of surveillance data output and traffic-related information (airport map layout, reference points, obstacles, positions and condition of NAVAIDs, AGL, weather reports, flight plans…) coming from available data sources
  • Airport Safety Nets calculation - capability to generate alerts in case of detection of potential conflict events between mobiles on air or on airport operational areas (RIMCAS), detection of Conflicting ATC Clearances (CATC), detection of mobile activity out of the scope of the clearance (CMAC).
  • Controlled traffic video presentationfor a support of ATC control to shorten ATCO response time in case of safety warnings, to reduce false alarm rate, or to provide additional identification

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