ERIS is a modern sophisticated and modular design to meet all the requirements for Military ATM and C2 Systems. The system is tailored for the specific needs of the end user composed of standard modules both for Military ATM as well as C2 solutions.

Thanks to the modularity and scalability of the system, ERIS can be configured from regional C2 posts to nation-wide C2 systems adaptable to any radar/sensor and to any national air defense needs including Air Traffic Control (ATC) functionalities.

Key benefits

  • Sophisticated and modular system design
  • End to end solution from planning and execution up to analysis
  • Compliance with NATO and non-NATO C2 command procedures, data exchange and system architecture


  • Modern Multisensor Surveillance Tracker
  • User-friendly HMI
  • Linux-based software
  • Full redundancy
  • TMC (Technical Monitoring and Control)
  • ATC (Air Traffic Control) Server incl. safety nets

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