ERA Information System for Data Communication Management

ERIS-COMMS is an information system designed for SW data routing and advanced data dissemination to transfer data between surveillance sensors, communication nodes, FIRs within the data communication networks.

Providing an advanced data communication management, ERIS-COMMS can be deployed both at sensor sites as well as at remote locations of the communication networks.

The data transferred by ERIS-COMMS may be filtered based on parameters or geographic areas, subjected to selective information suppression, converted to another data format or recorded for later analysis.

Key features

  • SW data routing and data dissemination
  • Data integrity check
  • Format conversions for interoperability support
  • Advanced data dissemination rules
    • Parametric filters
    • Geographic area filters
    • Data item selection
  • Centralized data communication management
  • Data recording, archiving and exports
  • Online monitoring and control

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