Data mining tool for management of ESM databases

The EW-EDMT (Electronic Warfare ERA Data Mining Tool) is an application used for comprehensive management and post-mission analysis of data collected during the ESM/ELINT platforms operations. It works with all kinds of incoming data from VERA-NG and other ESM systems and it allows users to import, convert, process, filter, identify and store them.

The purpose is to extract as much information from collected data as possible and determine target’s identification such as platform, emitter and emitter mode.

The aim of post-mission analysis is to build and expand reference database (DB) to improve target identification and therefore increase automation of the platforms.

Key features

  • Capable to integrate and evaluate data from various ESM/ELINT
  • platforms within unified working environment
  • Supports building and maintenance of National Reference Database
  • Enables the customers to adhere to intelligence cycle principles
  • Utilization of recorded and valuable data
  • Server - client architecture
  • Web - based client
  • User management and security audits

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