MIPS was originally developed to only support the decision-making process of the commander when preparing and planning VERA recce missions through tools serving for an optimization of deployment of VERA stations by means of available geographic data. MIPS was later supplemented by additional functionalities to support the deployment process of other ERA systems.


  • PSS – for semi-automatic deployment process of VERA-NG system
  • MSS – to simulate performance of surface systems
  • WAM – to simulate performance of independent or multiple wide area systems
  • MSS PAR - to simulate performance of precision approach applications
  • MSPSR – to simulate performance of multi-static systems

Key benefits

  • Various types of analysis – including single site LOS, coverage and accuracy simulations
  • Predefined set of map backgrounds
  • Easy export/import into Google Earth
  • Sites and 3D objects database
  • Terrain profile tools
  • User-friendly environment and individual settings


CASPER is a comprehensive software tool for calculation of line of sight, coverage and accuracy of multisite active and passive surveillance systems. It integrates radio and optical coverage, system accuracy and line of sight calculations. The real signal propagation on 1030/1090 MHz and effects of Fresnel zone at given frequencies are taken into account in the calculations.


  • Terrain data (DTED, SRTM, GLOBE, ATAS relief)
  • Coordinates of the MSS stations

Use case

  • Coverage and accuracy analysis of multisiteactive and passive systems


  • MSS performance evaluation (both airport and wide-area)
  • Statistical results of coverage and accuracy calculations
  • Visibility analysis
  • Display map background
  • Screenshots


  • CASPER is a modular framework. The user builds the application by combining various application modules.


Training tool for the Passive Surveillance Systems (e.g. VERA-NG) can simulate any type of battlefield scenario: airspace, ground or navy.

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Key benefits

  • One receiving station to analyze real signals for advanced training.
  • Any type of battlefield scenario (airspace, ground or navy)
  • No need to deploy the entire system with four receiving stations

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