Performance prediction tool for surveillance systems

MIPS (Mission Planning System) represents a comprehensive performance simulation tool for surveillance systems with a capability of simulating single site coverage that may represent a coverage of traditional secondary surveillance radar for both Air Traffic Management and military applications.

It is used for various types of analyses: line of sight (LOS), true radio line of sight, Over The Horizon (OTH) coverage and accuracy simulations. Performance prediction tool for surveillance systems.

Key features

  • Vector and raster maps support
  • Predefined set of map backgrounds – including Open Street map or similar offline alternatives
  • AIXM data support
  • Advanced measurement and terrain profile tools
  • Direct export/import of sites, polygons and simulations into Google Earth
  • PSS Definition Wizard – automatic/semi-automatic tool which helps an operator to find an optimal PSS deployment
  • Sites, polygons and 3D objects database (like maneuvering areas, airport buildings, etc…)


CASPER is a comprehensive software tool for calculation of line of sight, coverage and accuracy of multisite active and passive surveillance systems. It integrates radio and optical coverage, system accuracy and line of sight calculations. The real signal propagation on 1030/1090 MHz and effects of Fresnel zone at given frequencies are taken into account in the calculations.


  • Terrain data (DTED, SRTM, GLOBE, ATAS relief)
  • Coordinates of the MSS stations

Use case

  • Coverage and accuracy analysis of multisiteactive and passive systems


  • MSS performance evaluation (both airport and wide-area)
  • Statistical results of coverage and accuracy calculations
  • Visibility analysis
  • Display map background
  • Screenshots


  • CASPER is a modular framework. The user builds the application by combining various application modules.


Electronic Warfare Simulator for ESM/ELINT Systems

The EW simulator is a military reconnaissance tool, which provides training of passive emitter tracking systems and electronic warfare. The simulator system consists of console of ESM/ELINT system as a workplace for operators (trainees), a simulator console as a workplace for instructors (trainers), a central processing station and one receiving station.

The training simulator significantly decreases the time needed for new users to obtain needed experience without affecting the performance of the operational system. The training can be carried out using data from prepared scenarios or data from one receiving station. Off-line data from another ESM/ELINT system can also be replayed.

Key features

  • ESM/ELINT simulator
  • Advanced training tool for analyzing real signals
  • Expected enemy threat training
  • Virtual training AD or EW scenario wherever on the Earth
  • Environment, scenarios, target behavior and emitter characteristics as realistic as possible
  • Any type of battlefield scenario (airspace, ground or navy)
  • The possibility of creating any type of the signal
  • No need of real system deployment for the training
  • No need to occupy real VERA-NG system during training process

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