Performance prediction tool for surveillance systems

MIPS (Mission Planning System) represents a comprehensive performance simulation tool for surveillance systems with a capability of simulating single site coverage that may represent a coverage of traditional secondary surveillance radar for both Air Traffic Management and military applications.

It is used for various types of analyses: line of sight (LOS), true radio line of sight, Over The Horizon (OTH) coverage and accuracy simulations. Performance prediction tool for surveillance systems.

Key features

  • Vector and raster maps support
  • Predefined set of map backgrounds – including Open Street map or similar offline alternatives
  • AIXM data support
  • Advanced measurement and terrain profile tools
  • Direct export/import of sites, polygons and simulations into Google Earth
  • PSS Definition Wizard – automatic/semi-automatic tool which helps an operator to find an optimal PSS deployment
  • Sites, polygons and 3D objects database (like maneuvering areas, airport buildings, etc…)

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