Vehicle Tracking

Safety is the most important factor in airport operations. Having complete, accurate and up-to-the-second situation awareness of all vehicles sharing the same manoeuvring areas such as runways, taxiways and aprons is essential where pressure on rapid human decision-making and airport complexity is a concern.

Vehicle Tracking System in the airport environment significantly increases safety and prevents an incursion situation between the aircraft and the vehicle (follow-me car, pushback tugs, or for example the service car allowed for the RWY check).

NEO and SQUID provide airports with a system to monitor and track all vehicles on the airport's surface by providing an easily installed and standards compliant, vehicle-mounted ADS-B transmitter (squitter) which continually broadcasts a vehicle's location for Situation Awareness Display or for integration with any A-SMGCS.


Key benefits

  • Safety enhancements under all weather conditions (esp. low visibility operations)
  • Significantly improves situational awareness
  • Reduced incursion risk
  • Seamless integration with ADS-B and multilateration surveillance solutions
  • Easy integration with any A-SMGCS system

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