Wide Area
Approach Radar

The demand placed on military airbase surveillance and airbase ATC systems is growing along with security and defence requirements. Under these conditions, legacy surveillance technologies struggle to provide the accuracy and flexibility required to ensure safe and efficient training operations.

An unobtrusive, low-profile, low-power system is needed to operate in remote or unimproved areas, providing real-time targeting and safety data sufficient to handle increases in training or operations requirements.

ERA system provides a unique combination of Wide Area Multilateration, widely deployed for air traffic control, and application of Precision Approach Radar including Precision Approach Display in one system deployment. Precision Approach Functionality is therefore enhanced by Wide Area Multilateration for the final departure and approach surveillance of the airbase. Wide Area Multilateration is a verified and proven secondary surveillance suitable for airbase air traffic management.


Key benefits

  • Precision Approach Solution – a unique combination of Wide Area Multilateration and Precision Approach Radar
  • Completely modular and scalable solution to fit all surveillance requirements
  • Suitable for all weather and all terrain conditions
  • Lower power consumption and maintenance costs

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