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Complex Solutions for Airspace Users and ANSPs

IXO SYSTEM represents a complex solution for airspace users and providers who look for a product that seamlessly integrates information on manned and unmanned aircraft operations and provides real-time aeronautical information for all airspace users.

IXO SYSTEM presents a powerful and multi-platform solution which satisfies requirements of ATM integrated and interoperable system while it emphasizes timely distribution of accurate aeronautical data. The system applies the latest regulations to flight planning, airspace usage conflict calculation, RPAS flight validation/clearance processing, manned/unmanned aircraft management, or aeronautical data provision.


Key benefits

  • Safe and reliable management of air traffic including RPAS flights
  • Easy distribution of information via web interface to various users within and outside ANSP network
  • Publication and update of AIP information
  • Integrated flight planning information delivery to ARO
  • Facilitation of the NOTAM Office daily operations, maintenance and exchange of NOTAM information
  • Capability to manage flight plans and to create detailed Pre-flight Information Bulletins.


  • IXO AIS, specifically designed for FIC and other ANSP´s working positions as operational data presenting tool
  • IXO RPAS, management of various aspects of RPAS/UAV flights
  • IXO ARO, specifically designed for ATS Reporting Office (ARO/CARO) purposes for handling of flight plans and related information within IXO SYSTEM and its interfaces
  • IXO NOF, NOTAM messages management
  • IXO PILOT, readily accessible self-briefing for VFR/IFR pilots

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