beyond radar

People are a key point in the story of ERA success. Three hundred employees currently work for ERA.

They create the team spirit of the company and their high level of education, experience and loyalty are the foundation stones of its accomplishments.

ERA experts proudly follow their pioneering predecessors, and by taking this difficult path of continuous innovations, prolong the half a century old tradition of development in the field of passive radiolocation.


Managing Director

Viktor Sotona

Viktor Sotona began his professional career in Czech Airlines as a Senior Project Manager in the Technical Division. During his tenure with ERA he has held several sales positions, recently as Commercial Director for ATM Sector.

He received a Masters degree from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Brno, Czech Republic and a MBA degree from Sheffield Business School, UK. Viktor Sotona is a member of several professional ATM working groups under EUROCAE and EUROCONTROL. He chaired WG-70 on the Wide Area MLAT standards and is a member of the ERA a.s. Board of Directors.

Commercial Director

Ondřej Chlost

Ondřej Chlost began his professional career in the Czech Air Force as a Commander of the Air Defence Surveillance Radar Unit. He joined ERA in 1997 and successfully led the business development program for ERA's military solutions. He currently serves as Commercial Director and as a member of the ERA a.s. Board of Directors.

He received a Master's degree in Radar Technologies from the Faculty of Radar, Microelectronics and Laser Technologies, University of Defence, and a MBA degree from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Ondřej Chlost is a member of ASERA and many other professional associations.

Product Development Director

Jan Hrabánek

Jan Hrabánek began his professional career with ERA in 1995 and during his seventeen years in the ATM industry has worked in a variety of technical and business roles all focused on the application of multilateration technology to air traffic control services and air defence applications. He studied at the Military Academy of Radar Technology and received his MBA in 2003.

His skills and experience are now widely sought after and he advises within the ATC industry about the use and implementation of multilateration solutions. Jan Hrabánek currently holds the position of Product Delivery Director where he supervises product deliveries and the life cycle support of all ERA products.

Operations Director

Libor Urban

Libor Urban came to ERA with over 10 years experience in quality system management, process management and continuous improvement. His focus in ERA is on process and system management improvement. Libor Urban began his career in Philip Morris as a quality engineer where he later became quality manager.

He has worked for different global companies as a quality manager, project manager and most recently as Treves group Czech plant managing director. Libor Urban studied economics and has taken numerous specific courses during his career to fulfill business requirements.

Financial Director

Miloslav Zavoral

Miloslav Zavoral graduated from the College of Economics in Prague with an emphasis on accounting, corporate finance and management. He began his professional career as a manager for the East Bohemia region with the Lifox brokerage firm, a member of Prague’s Stock Exchange. He applied his experience in the securities and bonds markets with the Credit Bank of Pilsen, where he served as a branch manager in the Pardubice regional office.

Following his tenure in the banking and investment sectors, Miloslav Zavoral worked as a chief accountant, tax specialist and controller for several corporations. Joining ERA in 2005, he currently holds the position of Finance Director where he oversees not only the internal and domestic financial operations, but also broad aspects of ERA’s international financial transactions and contracts.

Project Management Director

Pavel Tůma

Pavel Tůma studied at the Technical University in Liberec and began his professional career in Komerční banka (Commercial Bank) as a product specialist. He later worked for DORINT company, where he made an acquaintance with the field of product management and later became Business and Product Manager for export and import to China and Southern Europe. His professional career continued with CS Soft company in the positions of Senior Project Manager and Head of the Project Management department.

He was appointed Project Management Director of ERA Company in 2013 having 9 years of experience in the area. Pavel Tůma currently runs the Project Management Office and is responsible for ERA multilateration systems development and delivery - analysis, establishment and compliance with PM processes in and out of PMO.