ERIS Airport Control System

ERIS Airport Control System (ERIS-A) is an information system for airport surveillance and surface movement control developed in accordance with A-SMGCS standards. Its modular and open architecture, with standardized interfaces, enables it to be easily tailored to customers’ needs and integrated into existing ATC environments.

Depending on the operational needs, the ERIS-A may either provide surveillance service or it can be expanded with safety support service with RIMCAS (Runway Incursion Monitoring and Collision Avoidance System), CATC (Conflicting ATC Clearances) and CMAC Conformance Monitoring Alerts for Controllers) warning functions.

ERIS-A is also introducing an innovative, yet cost-effective solution called “Common Ground Surveillance System” intended for small or regional airports without surface movement radars. Such ERIS-A solution brings in an alternative capability of detecting non-cooperative objects (airplanes, vehicles, or persons) moving in defined areas of an airport for both ATC and security surveillance needs.

Key features

  • Airport traffic control at the airport’s operating and apron areas.
  • Presentation of surveillance output data and related flight information.
  • Airport Safety Support Services
  • RIMCAS - Generate alerts when detecting potentially conflicting situations between moving objects in the air or on operating areas.
  • CATC - Monitoring the issuance of permits and their time sequence.
  • CMAC - Monitoring the execution of issued permits and compliance with the real situation.

ERIS-A takes an innovative approach that enhances the overall user’s experience by bringing all necessary information together on collaborative displays depending on their role as well as standards. Its integrated situational picture is based on ERIS modern multi-sensor data fusion and tracker, supplemented by electronic flight strips, electronic clearance input, monitoring aids, safety nets and other supportive features.

Complete monitoring of all system components including their history, evaluation of failure criticality and the reliability of the system as a whole are essential for ERIS-A technical monitoring and control. The high reliability and availability of ERIS-A critical services attained by SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension technology.

All ERIS-A system data are continuously recorded and available to users to effectively obtain passive or interactive replay, reconstruction of air situation, but also for detailed analysis including data reduction options.

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