Passive ESM Tracker simulator

Training tool for the Passive Surveillance Systems (e.g. VERA-NG) - can simulate any type of battlefield scenario: airspace, ground or navy.

The training simulator is a military reconnaissance tool, which provides training of passive electronic and tracking intelligence systems. The simulator system consists of the VERA-NG console as a workplace for operators (trainees), a simulator console as a workplace for instructors (trainers), a central processing station and receiving universal military module.

The training simulator significantly decreases the time needed for new users to obtain necessary experience without affecting the operational system. The training can be carried out using data from prepared scenarios or data from one receiving station. Off-line data from another VERA-NG system can also be replayed.

ERA can deliver various scenarios reflecting the following themes or ERA experts can create any scenario on demand to create situations which might be extremely rare or almost impossible to find in the real environment:

  • Navigation flights
  • Dog fights
  • AWACS monitoring
  • Air support JTAC
  • Area mapping
  • Border crossing

Key benefits

  • One receiving station to analyze real signals for advanced training
  • Any type of battlefield scenario (airspace, ground or navy)
  • No need to deploy the entire system with four receiving stations

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