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Multilateration Surveillance System

MSS-5 is the 5th generation of the Multilateration Surveillance System (MSS) tailored for Air Traffic Management combining proven multilateration and ADS-B technologies. The system provides accurate real-time localization, tracking and identification of all objects equipped with transponder: at the airport surface, in TMA and en-route. The system withstands all weather conditions and is suitable for any terrain profiles.

MSS-5 answers the 5 main challenges of Air Traffic Surveillance nowadays:

  • traffic density
  • deployability
  • time synchronization
  • safety
  • security

Solutions and use cases of Gate to Gate surveillance


5 key features:

  • 2020+ standards readiness
  • Dual Station Data output: ASTERIX format and raw Mlat
  • Expandable modular solution for flexible deployment, mast up or down
  • All weather conditions - any climatic or terrain challenges
  • Worldwide GNSS Synchronization (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU)

Basic specifications

Type of system
Multilateration Surveillance System
Number of input channels per station
Type of targets
Mode A/C, Mode S, DO-260C
Operating temperature
-40˚C to +60˚C
Relative humidity
up to 100%
Station Data output
ASTERIX format and raw Mlat
4x60 W
PAM, PPM, Phase Overlay PSK, MSK
outdoor (standards IP65) x indoor

5 Challenges & MSS-5 solutions

5 Challenges MSS-5 solutions


Despite the current dropout, traffic density increases; a new layer of ATM for UAS is expected.

  • DO-260C standard
  • Phase Overlay ready


A simple, all in one solution, is needed for quick deployment and life-cycle support.

  • 2 modules solution: 1 receiving + 1 supply module
  • Small, light and compact
  • Easy deployment, mast up


Multistatic systems need to be synchronised on more than one source.

  • Alternative synchronization


The performance of the system has to be accurate and reliable 24/7.

  • Remote control and update
  • Eurocae Standards compliance


The surveillance system is part of a critical infrastructure, therefore high security standards must be applied.

  • Quido security monitoring
  • Linux based Receiving Module


Receiving module – 5 in 1:

2 Receiving Modules (RXU), 2 Site Monitoring Modules (SMU) and 1 Processing Module (RPU)

Supply module – 5 in 1:

Standard Power Supply, PoE Supply, Security monitoring module, Safety monitoring module, In-build Switch

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