Local Area Picture Display for presentation of targets on the map background

LAPDIS (Local Area Picture Display) application is designed for the presentation of target data provided by surveillance sensors on them ap background. LAPDIS is typically used by VERA-NG operator for situational awareness of target’s activity in Area of Responsibility or by the maintenance engineer of Multilateration Surveillance System for checking of its performance.

Priority targets are identified by pre-defined filtres and recommended to operator’s increased awareness. On such basis an operator then creates spot reports and exports their history to cooperating or superordinate bodies. The application could also be beneficial to postmission analysis and recording of obtained data.

Key features

  • Targets presented in the map and track tables
  • Track Inspector presenting detailed information about selected targets
  • Up to 4 independent map windows available
  • User configurable track filters
  • Highlights of target priorities
  • Support of ESM DB, Mode S DB, AIS DB
  • Manual/semi-automatic/automatic data export
  • Dedicated offline window for data replays integrated (post-mission analysis)

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