ERA Surveillance Data Analysis and Replay Tool

ERIS-DART is a validation tool used for data analysis and evaluation of surveillance system performance against conformity of EUROCAE specification. This information system can be used for continuous sensor performance validation, real coverage analysis or single track analysis based on the data archives.

ERIS-DART enables evaluation of mono-static and multi-static sensor validation according to standards ED-142, ED-117A, ED-129B, etc. It provides an interactive and advanced multi-level surveillance data analysis, i.e. from packets to decoded ASTERIX message inspector, to trajectories.

The data are continuously recorded and archived, so they can be easily obtained for the analysis as needed. The results of analysis and evaluation are then exported to commonly supported formats.

Key features

  • Mono- & multi-static sensor validation
  • Multi-level surveillance data view
  • External GNSS reference trajectory import
  • Filters for effective data reduction
  • Multi-layered maps
  • Exports to CSV, HMTL, PDF and other standard formats
  • Light and dark mode
  • Server/client architecture
  • Continuous independent data recording

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