Sees without being seen

Passive Surveillance ESM Tracker (PET) VERA-NG is the most advanced Passive Surveillance System utilizing the multilateration Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) principle.

The unique system is designed for detection, localization, tracking and identification of the air, ground and naval targets as well as exceptional pulse and continuous wave signal analysis.

VERA-NG supports cross-border, long-term and long-range surveillance without alerting neighbouring nations. The system emits zero electromagnetic energy making it ‘invisible‘, i. e. it sees without being seen. It also provides strategic ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) information to collect, process and evaluate the ESM data for reference database.

VERA-NG = 6 decades of pioneering in the field of passive radiolocation adapted to face modern threats.


Key features

  • Multistatic passive surveillance system
  • High-accuracy target localization (2D, 3D) based on TDOA principle outperforming Direction Finders
  • Real-time target tracking including Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
  • Precise signal parameters measurement
  • Pulse and Continuous Wave (CW) signal processing
  • ELINT analysis (inter & intra-pulse)
  • Automatic identification of non-cooperative targets (NCTI)
  • Interoperable with AirC2 and EWC2
  • Deployable or stationary
  • Remote control

System parameters

Frequency range
87,5 MHz – 18 GHz
Instantaneous bandwidth
max. 1,000 MHz
up to 400 km
Instantaneous Field of View
120º (Surveillance field of view 360º)
Azimuth accuracy
Tracking capability
Tracking capacity
at least 200 real time tracks
Processed signals (emitters)
General Pulsed Signals (Radars, Datalinks etc.), Continuous Wave signals, jammers, SIF/IFF, ADS-B
System composition
Target library capacity
10,000 targets
System interoperability
UFE (AST 248, 249), AST 34, 48, 62, XML (Spot report)
Environmental conditions
STANAG 4370-A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C0, C1
Full scale training provided by former military operators

System principle

The system consists of one central receiving and processing station and three side receiving stations, operator‘s workplace and utilizes the TDOA principle.

TDOA principle

Use cases


  • Situational Awareness
  • From air to ground
  • Real-time target tracking in 2D/3D
  • Non-Cooperative Targets Identification

Air defence

  • Covert mode of operation
  • Countering SEAD (ECCM)
  • Supporting A2AD (IFF, ECM)
  • Augmenting active sensors
Air defence

Electronic warfare

  • Deep signal analysis (ELINT)
  • Contributing to national Emitter Databases (EDB)
  • Full support of EMO
  • Significant contribution to EOB
Electronic warfare

VERA-NG Architecture


Receiving Stations

The receiving stations of the unique Passive Surveillance System are equipped with small, compact and reliable receivers. VERA-NG receivers have been developed for wide-band signal detection - starting from frequencies of VHF active radars, up to the range of high frequency radars and jamming signals. VERA-NG consists of 4 receiving stations, where one of them is central. The microwave communication link is a subsystem of each VERA-NG receiving station.

  • Wide-band signal detection
  • Unique modular concept
  • Compact and small footprint
  • Low power consumption
  • Built-in microwave communication network

Central Processing Station and Consoles

The Central Processing Station provides target tracking, non-cooperative target identification including detailed signal analysis. Furnished Operator Consoles with an easy to operate Human Machine Interface are included in the Central Processing Station, directly next to the Signal Data Processor.

  • Cutting-edge real time target tracking and non-cooperative target automatic identification
  • Comprehensive signal analysis for ELINT operations
  • Furnished Operator Consoles
  • Hardware parts based on COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) components
  • Includes a shelter and power generator for the mobile version


In light of current requirements for high mobile systems, ERA has tailored VERA-NG to ultimate transportability and mobility for rapid deployment. VERA-NG can therefore be easily configured to a stationary or transportable/mobile version with various types of mast components in different scales starting from a tripod to a 12m or even 25m transportable mast.

  • Various types of operations (Stationary or transportable/mobile version)
  • Various transportable mast components
  • "Roll-on/roll-off" solution
  • Compatible ISO platforms
  • Robust and reliable solution

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