Beyond radar


Sees without being seen

Unique and proven world leading Passive ESM (Electronic Support Measure) Tracker.

Air defence and passive surveillance are critical elements in today's military and security operations. Vera-NG addresses this by providing the most advanced and state-of-the-art Passive Surveillance System designed for detection, location, identification and tracking of air, ground and naval targets.

Vera-NG uses advanced techniques to conduct cross-border long-term and long-range surveillance without alerting neighbouring nations. It effectively "sees without being seen".


Key benefits

  • Assigned for passive surveillance, early warning and air defence missions, using on-board emitters as targets
  • Conducts covert cross-border long-range surveillance
  • Provides long-term strategic ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) information and analysis
  • Provides high capacity tactical 3D real-time geolocation, tracking and identification of airborne, naval and surface targets
  • Available in stationary or high-mobility transportable versions

Basic specifications

System composition
4 stations (1 central; 3 remote sites) and Central Processing Station
Frequency range
50 MHz – 18 GHz
Tracking capability
3 dimensional
Tracking capacity
200 real time tracks
Antenna unit power consumption "central/remote site"
230 W / 190 W
up to 400 km
Target library capacity
10,000 targets
Antenna unit overall dimensions
Ø500 mm x 1200 mm receiving part, Ø500 mm x 600 mm comm. unit
Overall weight
125 kg (UMM 85 + MWL 25 + AU 12 + lightning rod 3kg)
Processed signals
Modern emitters including Radar, Datalink, Jammers, Navigation, Identification

VERA-NG Architecture


Receiving Stations

The receiving stations of the unique Passive Surveillance System are equipped with small, compact and reliable receivers. VERA-NG receivers have been developed for wide-band signal detection - starting from frequencies of VHF active radars, up to the range of high frequency radars and jamming signals. VERA-NG consists of 4 receiving stations, where one of them is central. The microwave communication link is a subsystem of each VERA-NG receiving station.

  • Wide-band signal detection
  • Unique modular concept
  • Compact and small footprint
  • Low power consumption
  • Built-in microwave communication network

Central Processing Station and Consoles

The Central Processing Station provides target tracking, non-cooperative target identification including detailed signal analysis. Furnished Operator Consoles with an easy to operate Human Machine Interface are included in the Central Processing Station, directly next to the Signal Data Processor.

  • Cutting-edge real time target tracking and non-cooperative target automatic identification
  • Comprehensive signal analysis for ELINT operations
  • Furnished Operator Consoles
  • Hardware parts based on COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) components
  • Includes a shelter and power generator for the mobile version


In light of current requirements for high mobile systems, ERA has tailored VERA-NG to ultimate transportability and mobility for rapid deployment. VERA-NG can therefore be easily configured to a stationary or transportable/mobile version with various types of mast components in different scales starting from a tripod to a 12m or even 25m transportable mast.

  • Various types of operations (Stationary or transportable/mobile version)
  • Various transportable mast components
  • "Roll-on/roll-off" solution
  • Compatible ISO platforms
  • Robust and reliable solution

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