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Czech MOD cast ERA in its series promoting top defence technologies

Czech MOD cast ERA in its series promoting top defence technologies

The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic in cooperation with major Czech defence companies prepared a new industry supporting campaign “Country for the Future” with the motto “We Know What We Have“. Top products “Made in Czechia” and their producers from the defence and security field star in a series of promo videos. ERA company, in a short Star Wars like sketch, introduces its state-of-the-art passive surveillance system VERA-NG to the general public.

The main goal of the nine episodes campaign is to enlighten watchers by describing in a humorous way the best of Czech technologies produced for and used by the armed forces. The documentary’s star Tomáš Kopečný, Deputy Minister for Industrial Cooperation, serves as a tour guide in the companies’ facilities to explain their portfolio. Among the involved producers and exporters are: ERA, EGO Zlín, Aero Vodochody, Tatra Trucks, Meopta, Ray Service, Sellier & Bellot, PBS and Česká zbrojovka. The Ministry publishes the videos on its social networks and they are also streamed by Czech mainstream media and military fans.

“It is a pilot campaign to support our industry and we are proud to be part of it. We love the video on ERA, especially the Jedi bit. It describes perfectly our ‘green jewellery’ and it’s fun”, Ondřej Chlost, ERA commercial director, commented on the series.

The video-clips should be screened as part of the international exhibitions and trade fairs to promote the Czech defence and security industry abroad. Czech embassies worldwide will use them to demonstrate the capabilities of the Czech Army to foreign partners.