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ERA Has Attended the NATO Days Air Show

ERA Has Attended the NATO Days Air Show

ERA along with its parent company OMNIPOL have become the main partner for the largest security show in Europe - NATO Days & Czech Air Force Days. The event was held at Leos Janacek Airport in Ostrava on September 17 – 18, 2016.

Important defence and security companies such as Saab, Aero Vodochody, LOM Praha, Bell Helicopter, etc. also took part of the event and demonstrate their products delivered to the Czech Armed Forces and other security bodies. ERA presented its military surveillance and reconnaissance system - Passive ESM Tracker VERA-NG. There was also the live demo of multilateration system. The results of the surveillance of aircraft were displayed on screen at ERA stand.

The main programme consists of presentation of heavy military hardware, police and rescue equipment, dynamic displays of Special Forces’ training, flying displays and presentations of armaments, equipment and gear of individual units. To name just a few: Eurofighter Typhoon, JAS 39 – Gripen, L-39, F-16 Zeus, The Tigers Parachute Team, the Czech Police and Jordanian Female Unit rescuing of hijacked plane, Aerobatic Group Frecce Tricolori, MiG-21, Bo-105, Titus and Tatra, and many more.

Regular distinguished guests include representatives of the Czech government, NATO and the European Union, representatives of regions, municipalities, ambassadors, military attachés - from the Czech Republic and from foreign countries, especially from Europe and the USA. The special national partner for this year became Germany. Among VIP guests were present the Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, first lady Ivana Zemanová, the Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic Martin Stropnický and the head of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament Jan Hamáček.

ERA together with its most recent partner, the Swedish company Saab Technologies, organized a press event and toast celebrating the partnership between Saab and ERA and their joint bid in tender for 3D Mobile Air Defence Radars (MADR) for the Czech Republic. A major strength of the offer is Industrial cooperation. Their agreement also involves a strategic partnership regarding the research and development of active and passive Air Surveillance systems to be used in Air Defence solutions, which would have significant export potential.

“We offer to the Czech Ministry of Defence our new radar Giraffe 4A which is the latest one of Giraffe family products by Saab with full in-heritage of radar software and hardware modules from our best in class AD radar. Regarding our joint bid for MADR it is envisaged that ERA would integrate the system with the customer, the Czech Armed Forces, and provide on-going logistical support. The work-share will be in the area of technology transfer and joint R&D of the future active and passive sensors. This will be a gradually growing co-operation thanks to synergies of R&D activities and long term engagement of Saab in this country,“ officially stated Krasimira Stoyanova, head of Saab in Central Europe.

NATO Days is the only event that brings together the technology used by soldiers, fire fighters, policemen, customs officers, the prison service, the municipal police and others in one location and its key challenge is to present a wide spectrum of resources along with the capabilities of the Czech Republic and its allies in the field of security provision to the general public. NATO Days & Czech Air Force Days are also the most visited two-day family event in the Czech Republic, this year attendance was 160 thousands of visitors.