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ERA motivates young people to be interested in technical disciplines

ERA motivates young people to be interested in technical disciplines

Pardubice, November 26th, 2014 The Secondary School of Electrical Engineering based in ERA hometown Pardubice organized the competition for elementary school graduates in IT knowledge at the end of November. ERA Company, which is in constant search for young talented people interested in this field, subsidized the event by providing the prizes for the winners. ERA gave out 10 tablets to students who scored best (and second best) in five categories.

ERA also sent one schooling expert who threw a lecture for secondary education level students on ERA pioneering role in passive radiolocation. In the meantime they had an opportunity to see live picture of actual air traffic in the airspace over the Czech Republic, while the data was obtained by the ERA multilateration system deployed at the Pardubice airport.

The support of the activities taken in the School of Electrical Engineering is a part of ERA`s unofficial HR policy as well as long term cooperation with this institution that has traditionally educated the highly valued and needed experts. Some of the school`s alumni already work for the company and ERA hopes for advanced future recruitment. The partnership with educating institutions also matches the role of the company in fast developing industrial district of Pardubice, which has been well known for its tradition in electrical technology disciplines.

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