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ERA presented its ELINT capabilities at FEINDEF in Madrid

ERA presented its ELINT capabilities at FEINDEF in Madrid

Peacekeepers, primarily from Hispanic regions, inaugurated the International Defence and Security Exhibition “FEINDEF” held in Madrid, the capital of Spain, in the last week of May 2019.

The Czech defence industry was very busy hosting on that same date the bi-annual International Defence and Security Technologies Fair “IDET” held in Brno, Czech Republic. Only three prominent producers of military solutions demonstrated their commitment to the community by participating in the first edition of “FEINDEF” under the umbrella of CzechTrade, the government trade promotion agency of the Czech Republic.

ERA’s team at the FEINDEF fair in Madrid featured its latest developments in passive detection and the ELINT capabilities by sharing knowledge with their military prospect users. A range of defence organizations discovered, for example, that VERA-NG complements surveillance capabilities since it is a distributed and completely silent system that provides accurate target information within a 400km area of interest. Air-picture experts who visited the ERA stand agreed that a PSR or equivalent radar equipment, although accurate and with impressive range, is very vulnerable due to the electromagnetic emissions. A country depending solely on such active systems is prone to sudden attacks even in Electronic Warfare and VERA-NG is an important surveillance asset to tracking potential threats inclusive when active radars are neutralized or beyond coverage.

Central and South American armed forces surveyed the technological capabilities for detecting low-flying targets serving traffic of illegal commodities. ERA’s expertise on passive detection introduced the means to track non-emitting targets by using existing 30 to 300Mhz radio emissions which physically reflects on aircraft surfaces. The MSPR concept of ERA aims at processing the reflected radio waves and with its advanced target processing can detect airborne platforms within valleys and in zones where conventional radars are out of reach.

FEINDEF has been a very interesting platform to spread knowledge among the defence community and also a place to reach an understanding of the challenges of air surveillance from different nations. ERA is committed to advising best practices on passive detection to prospective armed-forces in Hispanic nations and across the globe thanks to their expertise of over 54 years.