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Planning for an international PCL systems exercise – a site survey in the Czech Republic

Planning for an international PCL systems exercise – a site survey in the Czech Republic

Harrachov, February, 11th -13th, 2014 ERA Company in cooperation with BOMAR hosted members of the NATO-SET-195 panel called “DMPAR (Deployable Mobile Passive Active Radar) short term solution verification” in mid-February. The goal of the visit of researchers from several NATO-countries was a site survey of suitable places in the Czech Republic and Poland for a joined exercise of PCL technology demonstrators. The actual event will take place in autumn of 2014. The PCL experts will meet and evaluate the performance of several PCL systems and the VSHORAD radar of the BOMAR Company at airports in Hradec Kralove, Jaromer and Chotec in September. They will track the flying targets on defined in advance trajectories and analyse the possibilities of the co-existence of primary radars with passive radiolocation systems and the potentials for complementary performance upgrade.