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ERA has signed a new contract to cover the terminal area of Najaf International Airport, Iraq

ERA has signed a new contract to cover the terminal area of Najaf International Airport, Iraq

ERA announced having been awarded a contract to deliver a composite multilateration and ADS-B system for surveillance of aircraft approaching Najaf International Airport, covering the lower flight level to an extension of 50 NM. 

ERA will supply five MLAT stations with ADS-B functionality as a modern solution for Najaf Tower Control Centre. The contract was signed by the Najaf Airport Authority in Prague in September as a result of a tendering process which ERA successfully won.

One of the priorities of Najaf Airport has been to cover their Terminal Approach Area. The installation of a new system by ERA should serve to improve the low flight level coverage at Najaf Airport and provide a supplement for data obtained up until now from the FIR (Flight Information Region) radar.

ERA as the primary contractor will deliver its NEO by ERA multi sensor surveillance system – the 4th generation of the certified mature system MSS, a composite solution of multilateration and ADS-B. This multi-solution system (MLAT, WAM, ADS-B, PRM, HMU) has a robust system design, enhanced signal detection, reduced power consumption and is international standards compliant (ED-117A, ED 142, ED 129, ICAO Annex10 volume IV, etc.). ERA will also supply its new ATM system ERIS.

The team of ERA experts carried out a site survey and chose appropriate locations for the stations during the autumn. The final completion, followed by the Site Acceptance Tests, is planned for the autumn of 2017.

About the city of Najaf

Najaf, reputedly founded in 791 A.D., is a city in central Iraq south of the capital Baghdad. Its estimated population in 2013 was 1 million people. Najaf is considered sacred by Muslims as the site of the tomb of Imama (Alī bin Abī Tālib). The city is now a pilgrimage site for people from throughout the Islamic world. As the one of burial site of Islam's most important figure, the Imam Ali Mosque is viewed as one of the most holiest Islamic site in the world.